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Five Games for Doomsday

Aug 31, 2018

Ben sits in the cabin and thinks wistfully about the Island that used to be called Britannia...before the Triffids took over.

Aug 27, 2018

This week's guest is the the graphic designer and illustrator for A Study in Emerald, Nemo's War and Lisboa among many others, Ian O'Toole. We discuss his formative years, how he stumbled into the board game world and why Glory to Rome is better than anything else...but which games did he choose?

Aug 20, 2018

Ben goes out into the pastures to feed the animals and while he's there he opines on Brothers by Ankama Games.

Aug 17, 2018

Ben sits in the kitchen of the cabin and faces the reality of what's beyond the walls by reviewing Edge of Humanity.

Aug 13, 2018

This week Ben speaks to designer of An Infamous Traffic, John Company and Root,Cole Wehrle. We discuss war games, getting a PhD and being a full time game producer, but which games did he choose?